A Long Logic Line

A Long Logic Line

Slowly we return to work. Probably some have lost jobs and some barely just kept in work, and the remainder are coming back and are secure.

So, where does management or being a manager go from here? In the biggest shock to business worldwide ever, that blindsided us all.

It brings us back to the base line:

  • Marketing: how we acquire customers (acquisition).
  • Customer satisfaction: keeping our customers.
  • Profitability: not going broke doing the above.

We can also go to the base for Marketing however, much of this is covered in the franchise for you.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

And then we have base line for management, how should we do it or do it better than we have done prior to the crisis? Is it not time to draw a line in the sand and re-evaluate everything?

Here is an approach that may assist with your management going forward.

I don’t know where you are at right now, whether you just come to work and do it every day, whether you’re motivated and have lots of new projects, whether you’re a fire fighter or are you what you think is ‘normal’? (Normal is tough to define).

  1. We live in the new world of distractions, so for you, ‘thinking’ will probably be impossible in the workplace environment. To write this newsletter I needed some inspiration first and that came from James Taylor (Fire & Rain) telling his story on YouTube. His music and story together. Alone is the best place to be for clarity, mine can be a specific time, very early in the morning or late at night for example. A thinking place for me would be near the water.
  2. Once you have found your place it is time for you to set up at least two major projects for the coming year. These projects are serious, they may or may not need money. Your inspiration time alone is to build your Long Line of Logic. “What is this guy talking about?” Let’s define Logic first, “reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity”. If your project has no logic it will be ripped apart before you start. The project must be written and defined with mileposts and a logical conclusion. You know your stuff so you are the one who can bring the unarguable to your Long Logic Line.

Lastly, for this part, if you get stuck ask for help until it looks right, you will know when you have it complete as it will feel right.

iii.        Now this may push you out of your comfort zone, these two monster Long Logic Lines you have built. You are your biggest enemy; you must be committed and can’t become lazy or give up. Giving up being the worst as it does nothing for your self-worth. The second enemy is the detractors, most of the time they will appear from unexpected places, they will ambush you when your profile is at its highest. These detractors will have many motivators, frightened of change, jealous, want to steal your job, lazy, greedy…………………………….Pushing may not be in your nature, if not, you will stand still or tread water. If you have your Logic correct (and you will) you may have to run over a few of these detractors as you push forward. Logic is your defence and it works. In other words, if you want to achieve, being riled at times may we part of how you achieve ploughing forward with your Long Logic Line.

  1. Lastly, to gain support you have to capture your own people’s imagination so they can follow and become excited and involved in the outcome. Playing it close to the chest is very nineteen sixties, so being open and explaining exactly where your Long Logic Line is taking them, works. Bonus: It will also kill off a few detractors. Keep everyone informed on progress.

I could not write about this if I had not been there, I have had many major and minor projects in my management life. In my early days I was booted out of town by the board members simply because of not having my Long Logic Line correct. Just a few lessons and the logic I build in sent the detractors scurrying off to there Nowhere Land. (A Long Logic Line will have some things at the end: Longevity, Customer Satisfaction, Saving or Profit or Growth, or all these items.)

  • The Retail Customer is God
  • The staff are your Angels
  • Process is your best friend
  • And mainly Measurement keeps the wind in the sails, “Every line is the perfect length if you don’t measure it.” – Marty Rubin

It’s a New Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edwsf-8F3sI (COVID 19 End Song)

This one is just about talent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fju4UajL7g (Fabulous)

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