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Let me paint a mental picture: A seventy-year-old man 187.92cm (6’ 2”) tall, brown hair with some balding happening, fair skin, A friend of his said, he is looking a bit crusty. Age is not being kind to this older business guy; the stomach is large like many men at this age, his jeans and suits look untidy due to his weight, his face is full and rounding, again due to weight. He looks tired and a bit sleepy, worn down by years of business travel. If you catch a glimpse of him at the right moment you may see he can’t pick things up so well as it is hard to bend over.

Why did I write this book? Because something told me I had to help people who were in my situation and did not, or could not, work out the answer. I’m still thrilled about how I did this, even after three years, hence another reason to tell others in my predicament the solution. What happened to me was comparable to a miracle for my health. I just had to let people know. After some advice from a friend, I waited three years to prove this solution worked, as, if I told the story too early, I might not have the proof or trust for the readers. The pandemic provided me with the time to assemble my notes from the three years.

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