The Book

Chocolate Sundae

Here is the start of the story from the book:

Here are my notes before commencing my journey in May 2017.
It is what I felt and thought before learning how to do something
about correcting my health and life.

• I hated the way I looked in the mirror, especially my stomach.
• I could rest stuff on my stomach like I was pregnant. My
stomach was like a little TV dinner table.
• Nothing fitted me anymore, my suit and sports jackets did not
do up because my stomach was too big, so I was buying bigger
clothes to cover up my fat.
• My belts were all too small.
• I could not see my appendage anymore. (Sorry, yet it’s true)
• My snoring was shocking.
• I had trouble putting my shoes on and cutting my toenails.
• When I bent over it made me short on breath.
• I would become out of breath, climbing stairs and walking up
• I exercised. Nothing happened to my weight. It stayed the same
or dropped slightly…….. then came back up or increased.

KISS: “keep it simple, stupid”

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